Angola is the largest oil exporter in Africa per capita and its GDP per capita has grown from $ 900 to $ 6.200 in just 10 years. As the third largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and with one of the 10 highest GDP growth rates in the last 10 years in the world, the business opportunities abound and Poland can still take part in this if it acts now.

ExpandAngola is Expandglobe´s key project to promote the activation of business activation between Poland and Angola. This project will include the active development of Business Projects, Business Missions and Seminars to promote Angola as an highly attractive destination for Poland.

Trade Opportunities

Angola is a very big trading hub. As the country is still highly dependent on imports, Poland can find strong opportunities to start leveraging its business links to Angola. Poland has very competitive offers of European quality and sometimes its price-quality advantage is as large as 50% when comparing to other European exporters to Angola. Trade could well be a a good enabler of future investment projects linking the two countries.

Key Sectors of Potential: Food, Machinery, Furniture, Chemicals, Textiles.

Investment Opportunities

Poland is one of the few countries in the World with such a recent successful experience as an Economy in Transition. This experience and know-how could be of high value to leverage a diverse range of projects being launched in Angola. A set of strong Polish companies could also help Angola in the diversification of international Partners. This is the right time for Poland to seek for investment opportunities in Angola.

Key Sectors of Potential: Agriculture, Industry, Energy, Mining, Oil, Health.

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