Business Mission to Angola


On the picture (left to right): Member of the Polish Parliament, Mr. Killion Munyama,  Ms. Vanessa Silva (Miranda Correia Law Firm),  Mr. David Valente (CEO of Expandglobe). Speakers on Conference hosted by Bank CaixaTotta (Santander Group).

In the end of March 2014, a delegation of Polish companies has been present in Luanda with the intent to promote business relationships with one of the highest potential markets in Africa, Angola. In the scope of the Go Africa project, Poland has been reaching to Africa with the intent to develop business partnerships that can diversify its economic dependence from Europe. Angola is the third largest economy in the sub-Saharan Africa, second largest oil-producer, and boosts one of the 10 highest GDP growth rates in the world.  Its GDP per capita is the second largest in Africa and the country is in a quick development path financed by its wealthy natural resources and strong oil industry. No other country has in Africa such resources per capita to invest in its economic development as Angola. With 50% of its population under 18 years of age, the country is expected to double population in 20 years.

With its big infrastructure development program and with the structural need of foreign expertise, know-how and support, Angola needs strong Partners and it indeed is looking for new Partners that can co-invest and develop together. Poland may be well placed to take part on this role.

David Valente, the Portuguese CEO of the Polish company Expandglobe Sp. z o.o., which supports Polish companies in doing business in Angola, affirms that “entering Angola demands a strong homework preparation, a strong understanding of the market and strong local Partners. There is a competitive business environment but once you are in the market, you can be in for the most profitable and successful projects you can imagine for your company. Angola is one of the greatest opportunities for business in the World and the Polish competitiveness and know-how seem to be invited guests.”

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