• Angola

    Angola is Africa´s second largest oil producer and its third largest economy. One of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world, some say it will be the future powerhouse of Africa. Vast natural resources and a quickly growing population make Angola highly attractive.
  • Africa

    Africa is expected to bring the fastest growth story ever seen in history. From 800 million to 2 billion people in 3 decades, with an average 50% population below 20 years old and with its huge untapped natural resources, this continent may experience the biggest growth of the whole world.
  • Poland

    Sixth biggest economy within the EU with predicted medium term growth of 3%, Poland will continue to grow at a faster pace than Western Europe. It is the only EU country without recession in the last 22 years.

International Business Development in Emerging Markets

The Emerging Markets Hub

Expandglobe is an international business development firm active in business advisory and trade activities. Our team has a vast experience in commercial and investment projects and it is specially focused in Central & Eastern Europe, Portugal and Angola.


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  • About us

    Expandglobe supports firms internationalizing their businesses in emerging markets. We support companies delivering organic growth through the expansion of their businesses with greenfield operations in new markets or through acquisitions of local players.